National Service Gassho Group
ナショナルサービス合掌 関西ハイテック

Provide faster data dissemination - Cheaper - Faster - High quality products

National Service Gassho Group was established as a corporation specializing in the maintenance and repair of data communications equipment and technical support. In this day and age, with the data revolution more and more a part of our daily life, the National Service Gassho Group has stepped ahead as a group of technical specialists, offering our customers that vital extra plus-alpha service, as well as the necessary accompanying educational services and instructions. We insist that each employee carefully considers the type of service they offer the customer, stressing the on-site viewpoint.

We are professionals in the communication field specializing in data communications equipment, and we sincerely hope to be your good business partner.

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Ikuno 6-35-4 Katano City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan TEL:072-891-8880 FAX:072-893-3925